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With more than 25 years of experience in HR consulting and HR expertise in various fields and sectors, we provide our customers with solutions across the entire value chain.

We are only satisfied when the detected needs have been changed and implemented into business success. We know the core issues and the language of our customers. We believe in holistic advice that enhances the competitiveness of our customers, optimizing the efficiency of their business and increasing employee morale.


The focus is on the continuous optimization of HR processes and, in the personnel area through the use of effective technology. Costs can be reduced and better, more strategic personnel decisions can be made. through the knowledge gained from the consolidation and analysis of system-wide personnel data.

Our areas of expertise in detail

  • Annual Salary increases, wage modeling, bonus matrix systems, special payment systems
  • Recognition and reward programs (retention bonuses)
  • Personnel cost planning & budgeting nationally and internationally
  • Comparison of key figures in payment processes and salary benchmarks

For ASR Online: Consulting & Service

  • Analysis of hardship cases contributing to high turnover rates
  • embed your rating systems and results of annual staff appraisals in ASR Online
  • Effects of intra-year salary increases

Implementation of ASR Online

  • Hosting or local implementation of ASR Online in your system environment

Our customers

Our clients are industry leaders in the telecommunications, financial services, trade and energy industries.

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