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Our mission

ASR online

Goal of any ASR project is the reduction of costs through

  • the reduction of complexity,
  • the improvement of data quality,
  • the stabilization and reduction of HR processes,
  • meeting the budget target and
  • lessening the load of management and those responsible for the budget.

With continuous monitoring of the ASR processes and interactive coordination of all involved, you can successfully reduce the workload in your company - and again devote yourself to the "core business"

ASR online




Benefits for the customer

Reduction of complexity, thereby
  • Reduction of cost for the regular salary increase process
  • avoidance of media discontinuities (Excel or paper).
  • compliance with the budget
In addition:
  • Improving data quality and avoiding errors due to complexity reduction
  • Reduction of maintenance work through automation
  • Releasing potential for new and further development

Compensation and benefits

With more than 25 years of HR experience we can advise you on the subject of compensation.
We offer customized concepts and tools for your innovative forward-looking human resources policy.
Learn more about current topics. Find out more about our expertise and meet one of our representatives.


As an independent consultancy we have partnerships with companies that set the industry standards, to specialized technology vendors that provide our customers with specific competitive advantages, as well as to potential technology leaders of tomorrow.

Our business and IT consultants regularly obtain certification for the latest versions of our partners' tools. Thus, we ensure that our customers share the technological advances of our partners in full.


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